A little bit history

Through my studies I learned programming. For some years I worked as a programmer for CAD applications, GPS visualizations, online tracking and process automation. After various stages as a developer, team and project manager, I no longer work in this field today. But still programming for fun!
My experience extends to Assembler, various Basic Derivatives, Fortran, Pascal and C. I have no exoirience through the development to C++ or C #.
But now all my interests are in programming microcontroller 😉
ParaTrainer for PDA

Following the idea of rolX an implementation for WindowsMobile. Description and details for download and registration on the page of Roland Hangg.


CompWPT, the CompeGPS WPT file format compressor

In the meantime, I have already generated large amounts of thermal points und waypoints for the SKYTRAXX 2.0. Since I always transfer these to my SKYTRAXX 2.0, the data format of CompeGPS has always annoyed me. Because many fields (such as date and time) are simply superfluous for import into the SKYTRAXX 2.0! So I just wrote a compressor for this …

Call: CompWPT <Flag1> <Flag2,…> WPT-OrginalFile WPT-OutputFile

Mit den Flags:

-n delete the following zeros and / or numbers
-d delete date (replaced by ‘D’)
-t delete time (replaced by ‘T’)
-c delete comment
+w DO NOT delete signature info
-m maximum clear / compression; corresponds to -n -d -t

For the import or the data preparation for the SKTRAXX 2.0, the -m flag can always be set, as superfluous numbers (zeros and / or points in numbers), date, time and signature info line (small ‘w’) are not evaluated by the SKYTRAXX 2.0 become.
For thermal points, you can also use the -c flag, since the comments from thermal points are not processed and, if the comment field is empty, the waypoint name is substituted.
Thus, waypoint files in the CompeGPS format can be compressed by 30% (classic waypoints) to 60% (thermal points) for the SKYTRAXX 2.0.