Links (most for german speaker)



PellesC Side from Pelle Orinius
The german PellesC forum

RC Modelling

My RC from Multiplex
Logger from SM-Modellbau
Logger software LogView


My top, the SKYTRAXX 3.0
I used the SKYTRAXX 2.0 Plus with a Kobo and Top Hat Soaring
Interesting vario from portugal Flymaster
A really good vario based on WinCE C-Pilot Pro
… and a second one with WinCE, the Oudie 3
The XC-Tracer is a minimal vario and really the best with XC Soar or Top Hat Soaring


German hang gliding assosiation
German paragliding forum
DHV-XC, the german OLC
OpenAir Download over map selection from Maddy Household
XCplanner for cross country flyer
and the new Thermixc from Bernd Gassner (see HowTo)
Online Waypoint-Editor
thermal.kk7, who the thermal is
Noble start area finder


GPX_Editor very simple and efficiense (with source code)
OziExplorer I translated to german
GPS-Babel my multitool
Airtome is the best flyedbook

Android APPs

XCsoar also on a Kobo
Top Hat Soaring a fine variant of XCsoar
Free42, because without UPN I can’t count 😉